Our Services

Customized Communications Plans

JLP Metro works with property owners, cooperatives and condominiums to determine managerial and financial requirements. Solid communication plans and methodologies keep property owners updated on the day-to-day activities of their properties. A unique, advance notice plan is incorporated into every project, keeping residents and owners informed and minimizing inconvenience.

Meetings and reviews with financial officers strengthen JLP Metro's partnership with clients. Clients are provided with updated forecasts, and informed of future events and financial commitments. Appropriate reports and analyses enable owners to meet obligations with prudence.

Professional and Clear Management Report

Working with its trusted advisors, team leaders and with comprehensive client feedback; JLP Metro has designed a versatile management reporting system to deliver an unmatched monthly package. Property owners and boards rely on JLP Metro's monthly presentation and review of operations.

Back-Office Support

Dedicated property managers are facilitated by and benefit from a strong and seasoned support staff. JLP Metro employs extensive records management and document back-up/restoration protocols, ensuring careful audit trails and segregated lines of control.

Professional Partners

JLP Metro;s team leaders are skilled in areas of property management, real estate finance and budgeting. Their experience and skills are amplified by ongoing emphasis on industry-specific training and certifications

Financial Expertise, Vision and Strength to Manage Your Property

JLP Metro enhances its clients' property values through active day-to-day management that focuses on maintaining high levels of occupancy and tenant satisfaction, while lowering property costs.

Our professional management team's vast array of experience, complemented by economies of scale and financial acumen, has transformed previously unprofitable buildings with antiquated capital systems and severe tax arrears into safe, financially sound and decent housing communities.

Combined Forces of our Dedicated Team of Professionals Managing Your Building

JLP Metro's team leaders play an active role in the review, coordination and on-site management of capital improvements. Owners' project analysis is facilitated by JLP Metro's organization and presentation of competitive bids, resident communication plans and evaluation criteria.

Complementing JLP Metro's unique initial assessment of properties is its walk-through and physical-plant inspection program, with concise and researched recommendations and reports.

Management Services

- 24-Hour Emergency Service
- Rent Collection And Legal Services
- Three-Step Bid Program With Vendors
- Three-Step Bid Program With Suppliers
- Blanket Vendor Contracts
- Preventive Maintenance Programs
- Maintenance And Day Porter Services
- Customer Service Call Center - 24 /7
- Monthly Financial Reporting
- Accounting And Invoicing Processing
- Custom Reporting
- Lease Administration
- Forecasting and Budgeting
- Building Inspections
- Common Area Maintenance Reconciliations
- Project Management Services
- Construction Services
- Merchant's Associations and Marketing
- Meeting with Tenants Representatives
- Meeting with Owner Representatives
- Marketing Monitoring
- Projected Rental Rate Adjustments
- Risk Management Analysis
- Regulatory Issues Management

Real Estate Services

- Asset Management
- Commercial Brokerage
- Commercial Lease Negotiation
- Investment Consulting
- Investment Sales
- Legal And Regulatory Usage
- New Developments, Due Diligence Services
- Profit/Loss Analysis
- Residential Brokerage
- Site Survey And Analysis